We active management efficiency with people and data.

Success Cases

MRO has successful cases in several industries, from industrial to non-industrial sectors, ensuring reductions in cost and capital employed, improving operational indicators, and giving visibility to the entire Supply Chain.


Our client’s 14,000 km of lines connect producing regions to the main ports in Brazil and transport 26% of Brazilian grains. While the client worries only about its core business, we guarantee the efficiency and continuity of its operation by managing 35 warehouses.

Our service model provides full responsibility for inventory discrepancies, representing a huge commitment to materials management, thus resulting in shared gains in inventory optimization. In the first three years alone, we increased the availability of materials from 77.8% to 98.2% and reduced inventory inaccuracy from 25.1% to 0.1%.

These numbers result in a partnership of more than ten years. During this period, we took over supply chain management in six states (Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Mato Grosso). Our work includes inventory planning and sourcing of non-strategic material categories.


Our client distributes energy to 17.7 million people in South America alone. The company, which has operations worldwide, stands out due to its innovation and sustainability. Starting in 2013, we took care of everything from demand generation planning to the final delivery of equipment maintenance kits in more than 100 operational bases in Rio de Janeiro, Ceará, and Goiânia.

In seven years, we achieved an inventory divergence index of 0%. We bear full responsibility for these discrepancies, and our commitment is complete. Therefore, our income is variable.

In this partnership, our goal is to innovate constantly, seeking results that make sense for the client’s strategy. At the operational base in Rio de Janeiro, for instance, we invested in optimizing the logistics network, thus generating savings and reducing CO2 emissions.


This client produces ethanol to power up to 60 million compact cars per year and sugar and electricity from biomass. Its nine alcohol plants are spread across the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Goiânia, and São Paulo. Its non-stop production requires precise management and planning for spare parts of agricultural machinery. In 18 months of partnership, MRO achieved expressive results and increased the productivity of equipment and capital employed in industries. By the end of the partnership’s third year, the financial impact of direct procurement, such as expenses, had dropped to less than 50%.


Our client was founded in 2014 and has a production capacity of 26.5 mt of high-quality iron ore. MRO was hired to implement the Inventory Planning area and operate all stages of the green field project during the mine’s ramp-up phase, from pre-commissioning to operation three years later, in order to guarantee the availability of the parts and optimize capital allocation in inventories. The inventory-building phase demanded quick reactions to the variations imposed by the ramp-up phase. The use of IBM MRO IO (specialized tools for inventory management) was a fundamental part of this process, and the result was extremely satisfactory both in terms of quality and capital employed.

To this day, MRO manages this client’s inventories, conducts daily activities, and optimizes processes as a key part of internal relations. Such a successful partnership helped us expand our services to other operations around the world.