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MRO offers an open innovation platform for incubating and developing scalable digital solutions to your everyday issues in the supply chain, such as planning, purchasing, warehousing, delivery, and more.

At MRO Digital, we develop data-driven solutions to increase our clients’ efficiency by acting on strategic, tactical, and operational issues.

We transform data into knowledge by working with a data lake fed by business units and partners that is used to develop innovative solutions to optimize asset management.

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We are committed to decoding the B2B market behavior and developing new products for old industry problems via data intelligence and mining.


MRO Planning Suite

MRO solution for optimizing parts inventory levels.


Solution for defining material the criticality of materials.

MRO Shield

Solution for complete management of asset and component preservation and conservation.

Smart Tracking

Supply chain monitoring solution for identifying failures and indicating courses of action to reduce operational and financial impacts.

MRP 4.0

Advanced MRP solution for inventory replenishment.


Integrated management solution for demand capture.

Heat Map

Solution for supporting the operational optimization routine of warehouses.

FootPrint MRO

Optimization solution for network models.

Bot Lenny

Solution for identifying and classifying materials by images for material cataloging and description.

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MRO Digital continues to explore and test new solutions to activate our clients’ efficiency.

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