Immediate liquidity to improve your financial indicators

MRO Capital

MRO Capital exists to help your business by decommissioning the capital used in inventories and taking over the materials chain logistical operation to transform the provision of logistical services into an agreement for the supply of parts, with services included, by building a trusting, long-term partnership.

We buy your inventory and convert it into immediate liquidity with no debt. We manage the materials, which will be paid for when the parts are used, from the replacement process to delivery, providing all the related logistical services.

Discover the main advantages of this solution for our clients:

Improved ROI – complete inventory decommissioning and immediate liquidity.

Offsetting of accumulated retained tax liabilities (ICMS, PIS/COFINS).

No use of guarantees (structured credit facility).

No additional debt

No generation of liabilities (no fixed flow or take-or-pay).

Repurchase of materials according to consumption (not added to inventory).

Direct allocation to cost linked to operational needs.

Consolidation of logistics activities in a single partner (management, compliance, and accountability).

Complete chain visibility (tools and technology).

Possible segmentation of operations by type, rotation, or inventory region.

Immediate decommissioning of non-consumable (unserviceable) items, with possible resale in the market.

Continuous model with no need to carry future inventory.

Possible redistribution of inventories without violating regulatory laws or corporate restrictions.

See how this integrated solution can help your business

Discover the process steps:


It is the process of understanding the operation, from demand generation and inventory replenishment to consolidation of the complete logistics chain to material ownership.

We also offer the necessary support to help you make decisions.

The SLAs (availability of materials, inventory volume, OTIF, replacement time, among others) are previously understood and aligned to direct the chain’s efforts.



Our expertise in negotiating non-strategic categories for clients results in significant savings and alleviates the current procurement structure. The savings generated help to reduce the costs of materials and related services, thus making the project more attractive and profitable.


No need to worry about deviations, losses or divergences as inventory control becomes ours. Unserviceable items and surpluses are decommissioned immediately. We take the reins of this management, and throughout the contract, we put items that are no longer needed for sale (upon authorization).


Redistributing materials in a logistics chain is part of the service of supplying parts at the place of consumption. Efforts to redistribute these parts belong to the logistical optimization necessary for the operation.

Internal client service

Services can be provided at the domicile of use, and the total cost of the supplied part is allocated only when the part is consumed (no need to load your inventory in advance).

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MRO Capital for your business.

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